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alleviate malnutrition 

NEAID’s “Alleviate malnutrition” program is one of the program that has been formulated keeping the organization’s commitment to work for healthier and safe childhood, with support from government, development agencies, local NGOs and local communities.


40 % of children in the region under 5 are malnourished, which are at a risk of experiencing health issues such as underweight, mental retardation, higher risk of infectious diseases and stunt growth.**

Our approach is to minimize the gap between the resources available and the children who need them by working closely with Government run Malnutrition Treatment Centers (MTC) and Village Health Nutrition Committees (VHNC). The program focuses on identification of malnourished children, referral for treatment or counseling on home-based care depending on the condition of the child, and improving the breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices. The following interventions were adopted at various levels by the NEAID team:


1. Linking the facilities of malnutrition treatment center with Screening and detection of   malnourished children in the villages though parents champ and School Management committees to provide counseling on feeding practices by IYCF trained professionals.

2. Community awareness and counseling on feeding practices for mothers on how to keep their child healthy.

3. Working closely with mother groups in WASH at village level.

NEAID believes that the problem of malnutrition can be effectively deal with community level approach by increasing community ownership and by bringing the existing services of government within the reach of un-served and under-served communities. 

** NFHS-3 report on nutrition

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