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founders message

Even if the sowed seed embraces earth's darkness,

One day ... it will empower itself from sunlight to become a tree;

Though Northeast Centre for Equity Action on Integrated Development (NEAID) was formally registered in the beginning of 2014, however understanding the real challenges, ideation of interventions and program designing took another two years and finally we piloted our programs in the year 2017. Both of us studied in the the same school and was posted in the same district when we were working with the Assam Government. We often go beyond our official obligations to take initiatives and help those who could benefit from our efforts. When we were working outside the region, we got the opportunity to work with wonderful team of young professionals from different social, geographical and cultural backgrounds working towards catalyzing social & economic reform in India. There is so much good work happening all over the country to overcome development limitations of India but somehow the same wave seemed to be backed off before reaching the North-eastern part of the country.

Be it geographical difficulty, socio cultural differences or political challenges, we are lagging behind at some points. It forced us to ponder, in spite of there being so many knowledgeable and experienced individuals from the region contributing in the nation building; Northeast is still to catch-up with rest of India and the world. We found part of the answer lies in addressing our prime issues with innovative and tested solutions customized to the local needs. Perhaps it is the time for us to understand the need for an integrated approach and understanding the value of sustainability in our actions.

NEAID is a small step through which we intend to give our best with support from all well-wishers and supporters who are willing to be a part of this endeavour towards a better Northeast. It was never possible with just two of us, there was immense support of our good friends and well-wishers who made many things happen. Today we are starting small with the belief that humble beginnings can indeed bring change and even an innovative but small team can do big things.

Help us nurture and sustain this tree of change;

 so that………

its fruits satisfy the hungry,

its flowers calms the heart; 

its leaves heal the sick,

 its seeds spreads hope;

  its shade comfort the weary

 and they regain strength 

to carry on their trail 

 also lend a hand to others.


                                                                                           Meraj & neeladri

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