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about neaid

NEAID is a not for profit, apolitical, indigenous philanthropic organization led by people from the region voluntarily to support sustainable and integrated development-based initiatives in Northeast India. NEAID operates in the region across a range of thematic areas with special focus on well-being of children and women. NEAID also envision providing platform to other National and International organizations that are willing to bring a positive change in the region and want to widen their initiatives through collaboration and knowledge sharing.



We envision to create and live-in an equitable and prosperous society through integrated development. 



To complement the existing public structures and mechanism to achieve sustainable development Goals 2., 3, 4, 5 & 6 in the marginalized communities of Northeast India though convergence in the thematic areas of our work.


Theory of change

NEAID believes that in order to achieve equity and prosperity in tribal and remotest areas of Northeast India, we need to complement the existing public systems by strengthening the structures, process and aligning the beliefs and practices of the different existing ecosystems.


This will be achieved by working with the key stakeholder from the different ecosystems that influences or participate in the well-being of the community particularly of children and women.


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