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(Whole school Transformation & STEM for Girls)

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We envision a society wherein all children even in the remotest areas of North East India have access to quality education (SDG-4). We believe that inclusive and quality education for all is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. Our model is designed keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of Quality Education for All. NEAID has been working in Government schools to bring a systemic change in the school ecosystem by complementing the existing structures and process through it's two interventions i.e., Whole School Transformation and STEM for Girls.


The STEM for Girls program foster 21st century skills among young students by transforming Learning Ecosystems across the school-to-work continuum. This program is designed to help girls in government schools break gender stereotypes, understand self and build critical thinking and problem-solving through coding. NEAID is working in 200 Government Secondary schools with 9000+ girl students in 27 district of Assam.








The Whole School Transformation focuses on working with the children from marginalized communities studying in primary grades at Govt. and low-income private schools, the project tries to address the process, structures, beliefs and policies that shape the quality of education that reach these children through its six focus areas as given below in the diagram. NEAID is working in 70 Government primary schools reaching out to 3000+ students in two districts of Assam  




















The trained fellows from the community will offer field interventions during their 2 years full-time fellowship. The Akikaran Fellows will work towards making school ecosystem more efficient and responsive to improve the quality of learning though continuous support to teachers, advocacy at different levels, co-creating learning spaces and ensuring strong M&E mechanism. 

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